Weatherization Pays

You Can Make a Very Comfortable Living
By Providing a Helpful and Necessary Service

A Home Based Green Business Weatherizing Homes is recession proof. Make $750+ a Week That is Totally Legitimate and Guaranteed To Work by providing a service inspecting, sealing and insulating older homes.

Weatherize America can help you start a profitable new business that will generate income as you help others reduce the level of energy wasted in their homes. This is very rewarding work that benefits everyone involved.

In a matter of minutes, you can have your own web site design, business and installation manuals, forms, sales aids, business cards, etc. Then within a few more days, your domain name, web site and email could be fully functional, and already working towards helping you earn real money within a 10 to 15 mile radius of your home or existing business.

You have the ability right now to make a choice to drastically improve your future. See yourself being successful. Know you can be. Take a moment and allow a picture to form in your mind of where you want to be a year from now. This program can help you get there. Set aside anything that says you can't and hold onto any thought that says, "You Can!"

How? By letting us help you to step into the “green jobs” market with your own...

Home Based Green Business Combo:
Home Weatherization & Energy Optimization


"Providing a home weatherization and energy optimization service includes inspecting, sealing, insulating and optimizing the homes energy use. Your home weatherization and energy optimization business can focus on just performing inspections or performing both the inspections and the home improvement work."

“The Obama administration ... launched another all-out effort to express... that 'green jobs' are the solution for the United States' environmental and economic woes.”

New York Times

Work That Helps Others Save Energy is Practically Recession-Proof

Much of this work is easier to promote and sell than typical home improvements because no matter what the season may be, homeowners throughout the entire United States and Canada, never stop wanting to reduce their electric, heating and cooling costs. Your potential customers are already motivated to have this work done.

That's right! Homeowners and renters alike, already want this work done, plus it isn't just seasonal work. While performing the home weatherization and energy optimization inspection, some things will be discovered that are best performed during spring or summer, while other work is specific to prepare for fall or winter. You can continue to generate revenue regardless of the season.

If you neither desire nor can perform manual labor, then your focus in each home would be on just performing the inspection and the selling of energy saving devices such as smart power strips, whole house fan covers, dryer vent seals, water saving shower heads and an array of other items easily installed by the occupants themselves, whether they rent or own the home.

Then, while in the home, if you do identify weatherization repairs that can further help them save energy, tell the occupants you will send a professional to take a closer look at those items. Later, call the contractor(s) you have made connections with and inform them of the job and either charge them for the lead or earn a commission if the contractor gets the job.

Almost Anyone Can Do This, plus it's a fair exchange where nobody loses and nobody is taken advantage of. Everybody wins. You generate an income, the home occupants save energy and money, and the environment and world breathes a little easier.

You Just Can't Beat It! me the details of how this works

You Are Already Qualified To Perform Home Weatherization and Energy Optimization Inspections

No formal training classes or certifications are required since this line of work only focuses on providing quick home improvements and repairs that will lower the homes energy use and increase the homes heating and cooling performance. Weatherize America provides training manuals that provide you with the basic information you will need to confidently perform these inspections and minor home improvements. Learn More About This

Of course, any additional training and education you choose to pursue will help improve your capacity to succeed in this, or any business. With this in mind, we also provide references to programs that will be of help to those who wish to continue their education or acquire certifications.

You could be earning an income WITHIN A FEW WEEKS if you act now

Follow our Home Weatherization & Energy Optimization Green Business Guidelines and we'll provide you with everything you need to get started:

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  • Our Home Weatherization Inspection Business manual will save you hundreds of dollars, months of trial and error, and will have you looking and feeling like a pro right from the start.CLICK HERE to Learn More About This
  • Our weatherization and energy optimization inspection checklists are easy to follow and help you feel confident when you inspect a clients home.CLICK HERE to Learn More About This
  • Our pricing sheets and spreadsheets help you provide accurate estimates and quotes in minutes which takes off any pressure about knowing what you really need to charge for any specific job.CLICK HERE to Learn More About This
  • Our training manual on how to perform Home Weatherization Improvements and Repairs will enable you to get the highest possible income from this job because you'll feel comfortable and confident in yourself.CLICK HERE to Learn More About This
  • We provide step by step information and a web site template generator to help you quickly design your own fully functional and customized 10 page web site within minutes! Imagine the feeling of seeing yourself or your business professionally portrayed online. This makes marketing so much easier, while also setting the tone that you are serious, and a pro. CLICK HERE to Learn More About This
  • We suggest additional options for training and certification to better prepare yourself for performing energy related inspections in homes or businesses. The sky is the limit. How far do you want to go?CLICK HERE to Learn More About This
  • You'll discover the quickest and easiest methods to get your custom stationary, business cards and forms all ready to go. You should and can present yourself as a professional business in days, and start making money fast! You will succeed!CLICK HERE to Learn More About This
  • See where and how to obtain leads for work in your geographic area. We'll show you how to get set up to have leads come to you, plus we'll provide marketing strategies for your local advertising and web site. CLICK HERE to Learn More About This

All the resources and ideas you need to get started, will be set in your hands. You simply have to set things in motion, and you could be making real money within a few weeks. Imagine how great it will feel to finally be working towards a better future!

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Your only additional expense for performing inspections would be for a few common items that can be found at almost any hardware store, such as a good flashlight, an inspection mirror, some common hand tools and a tote bag. We provide a complete list of everything that would be helpful to have on hand.

Join now for immediate membership access and discover the benefits of Weatherize America's Business Guidance Program

Only $47.95 for 1 Full Year

That's an incredible price when compared to all the information and resources and personal rewards that will be at your fingertips.

But that's not all! We are always working on updating our manuals and guides, creating new web site templates, updating and adding forms, uncovering new resources, and more. Your membership gives you access to this information for a full year, plus we provide a **discounted option for renewal.

Let It Really Sink In For A Moment... Within a few weeks, EVERYTHING can be moving into place. That's right! Within just a few weeks, you can have an entire business, web site, and marketing plan setup and ready to go. You just can't beat it. You'll be putting money in your pocket in no time at all. me the details of how this works

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Q.  Can anyone do this? I have no construction or maintenance background.

A.  Anyone can do this, but not everyone can do all of this. If you lack a construction or maintenance background, but you can sell, then your focus in this business would be to promote and sell the products associated with saving energy in the home and let the occupant install them. In addition, we recommend that you create a partnership with multiple construction trades, such as electricians, insulators, window installers, etc so that when you do find this kind of work needed in the home, you could refer them to the job and get paid either for providing the job lead or get a commission on the entire job. Bottom line, if you could sell anything and if you could take a few days to read over the manuals and references provided, you will do fine.

Q.  How fast will this really make any money?

A.  You could be generating an income within a few weeks. Let's say it takes 7 days to get your web site and information all set up and running, then add 2 - 4 days to allow yourself to dig through the information and get comfortable with how things could work. On the 9th to 11th day, you begin your campaign to attract customers using the marketing advice we provide, and by the 14th to 21st day, you could start obtaining real leads from people who need this work done.

Q.  How much work is really available to make this a full time job?

A.  The availability of work does depend upon where you live. The closer you are to a town or city the better, since this is where you generally find older homes in need of weatherization and energy optimization work. However, you could find this work even within newer home developments by focusing more on the energy optimization end of the business. In addition, the larger the radius in miles you are willing to travel will also increase your potential customer base. Once you read the manuals, you will also see that some of this work will need to be repeated each year for certain customers, ensuring some future work will already exist.

Q.  But how do I actually find this work? How do I generate leads?

A.  First let's look at Free Advertisement methods:
- Use pages from your web site to act as fliers that you can print and distribute locally or even mail.
- Call friends and family to see if you could help any of them and to see if they could refer you to anyone.
- Take advantage of social media, aka facebook and twitter. You don't want to bombard your friends with business stuff, but it's perfectly fine to place a post to say you are starting this new venture. Ask if anyone would like to have this work done for them, and ask also if they would post your message to their friends as well.
If you do have a few dollars to spare:
- place a small classified ad in your local paper. Some papers have a 'Handyman' or 'Service' section already in place for businesses like this.
- Find restaurants who use those place mats with ads and get the name of the company that makes them. You can generally spend under $100 to get your ad placed there. The great thing about place mat ads is that they not only provide the occasional lead, but they give you a lot of exposure.

Q.  How is this different from other 'Programs' to make money online?

A.  Well, to start, this business would be real, and not some web site sitting online, hoping and waiting for somebody to click on a link. This business takes advantage of the internet to promote itself and provide you with a professional appearance, but the money and the work exists in the people and the cities and towns around you. In addition, this business does require work and effort to build and maintain and is not based upon luck or hope. This means you have a real chance to make this work and the only thing that could prevent you from not making money with this program is you, but that's a good thing because this means your capacity to succeed is real.


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