Weatherization Pays

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The primary purpose of Weatherize America is to provide you with the services, products and information necessary for you to save energy in your home in the most affordable and practical ways.

Why Weatherize Your Home?

Although many people go the extra mile and weatherize their homes well, many others do very little or nothing at all to seal their homes and conserve energy. Let's see ...tell me more

Reduce Wasted Computer Power

Too much computer energy is wasted. The average computers idle time consumes 69 to 97 percent of its total energy use. There are a few easy steps to fix this and save a lot of money on energy costs ...tell me more

Tips to Reduce Your Heating and Cooling Costs

These energy saving tips will help you to decrease your heating and cooling needs, leading to reduced home energy costs. Changes in habit, temperature settings and ...tell me more



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